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Like every room, our infant room has a strict daily schedule and weekly lesson plans the teachers follow. In our infant room we began promoting cognitive, physical, and mental development. We have age appropriate toys and books for the children. We do circle time twice a day, tummy time, and have music time daily. Arts and crafts are created daily and are sent home weekly. Throughout the day the children free play. Depending on the child's age sitting up and walking is practiced daily. Our infant teachers work hard to keep everything as sanitary as possible. We provide each infant with his or her own crib and wash sheets daily. Everything is cleaned with bleach water and spray Lysol twice a day and as needed. All covers are taken off of bouncers, saucers, swings, and cribs and are washed daily. Every item the children make contact with throughout the day is bleached at the end of the day.

​In our one year old room, the children began dramatic play, as well as cognitive and manipulative play. Centers are set up for dramatic play such as home living, dress up, etc. Circle time and learning sheets are done daily. They began learning songs, shapes, colors, counting, ABCs etc. The children read books and began putting together wooden puzzles. We use "My BABY CAN READ" into our daily curriculum. Music time with instruments is done daily. Everything in the room is sanitized at twice a day with bleach water and Lysol.


​In our two year old room, the children learn to master their shapes, colors, counting and ABCs as well as incorporating more things into their daily curriculum. In the two year old room centers are set up for dramatic and role play. We have a private restroom suitable for all the needs of a toddler when beginning potty training. Arts and crafts are done daily. Everything is sanitized with bleach water and Lysol twice a day and as needed.

Three Year Olds

Our three year old room provides a strong curriculum for the children. We began teaching the children things such as recognizing and writing his or her name, incorporating language arts (nouns, vowels), days of the week, , months, etc. Music time is done daily as well as arts and crafts. Everything in the classroom is sanitized twice a day with bleach water and Lysol.

Private Pre-K

​Our private Pre k program provides your child with top notch curriculum. They learn all the basic things such as writing their names, learning their address and phone number, etc as well as learning to spell, sound out, and read sight words. Along with the curriculum we provide a daily Bible study each day. Children have centers that promote dramatic and role play. This room is sanitized with bleach water and Lysol twice a day and as needed.

After School

 After school
In our after school program we have teachers on hand to help with homework and projects. After homework is completed they participate in centers as well as a short circle time before going outside to play.  We also incorporate music, art and centers into our afterschool each day. This room is sanitized with bleach and Lysol at the end of the day.

All Classrooms have outside time in the morning and evening if weather permits. 
Each room have scheduled lunch, breakfast and snack times.
Each room has a daily nap time. 
Each room is cleaned and sanitized throughout the day, at nap time, and at the end of the day. 


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